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Blue Ridge PBS Major Donors

From a bird’s eye view, Blue Ridge PBS needs the support of our viewers to exist. It’s just that simple. However, as you come closer, you will find exactly why we ask for donations. 

All donations help us achieve our goals. If you find yourself identifying with one of our needs and have the resources to facilitate a major gift, it most certainly will accelerate Blue Ridge PBS in attaining that goal and in turn providing the services available to everyone in the 42% of the Commonwealth we serve. 

Below is a brief explanation of a few of the expenses these departments incur. 




Project Southwest

PBS Signature Series

Podcast Studio



Local Documentaries/Series

ECHO (new channel!)

Technical Operations

On-going Series

BBC Programs

  Local Content 


Local freelancers

Below you will find our wish list. This is an honest and open look at what is needed. While not a traditional approach, we know that if we are asking for substantial dollars, you should know why.

See an item that you think you can provide the funds so we can make that purchase? Please contact Suzanna Cory, Director of Development.