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ECHO - Education. Community. Health. Opportunity.

A NEW channel from Blue Ridge PBS
Watch it online and on air.| Blue Ridge PBS channel 15.5


Blue Ridge PBS Echo TV

Blue Ridge PBS Echo TV

Blue Ridge PBS is proud to announce ECHO, a new education channel designed to meet the needs of learners in all stages of life. ECHO stands for Education, Community, Health, and Opportunity; these are the pillars that build the foundation for our educational, community-oriented content. 

Blue Ridge PBS is the first station in the country to develop this advancement in local public media education that combines traditional television with online digital streaming. Content topics will include (but certainly not be limited to): STEM programs, local happenings, community events, teacher and student resources, public health awareness, and opportunities for both community members and the community at large. 

ECHO will launch publicly and will simultaneously broadcast on channel 15.5 and stream online 24/7 to increase accessibility and reach. 

ECHO’s goal is to provide accessible, educational programming that is both informative and entertaining by “being where others aren’t.” From early learners to those still learning from life experiences, ECHO seeks to provide educational content that encourages everyone to learn something new every day.

“… our new ECHO channel is a first of its kind approach to education media. It puts
together the traditional delivery of television viewing with the computer technology of
streaming video that most K-12 students are watching. Blue Ridge PBS is the first
station in the country to develop this advancement in local public media education. This station, which can be seen on television and other streaming platforms, combines Education, Community, Health, and Opportunity (ECHO) into one resource that can be seen by everyone,” 

– William Anderson, President and CEO of Blue Ridge PBS. 

ECHO will be teaming up with local community partners and regional healthcare professionals to provide information about personal and public health. This content will include tips and tricks for a healthier lifestyle, as well as information on public health concerns. Health education that builds and promotes healthier communities from the inside out remains a top priority. 

Blue Ridge PBS has been serving the region as “the leader in educational and thoughtful news, documentaries, arts and culture, and children’s programming.” The goal of ECHO is to carry the torch by creating informative and entertaining programming that is accessible to learners of all ages by exploring stories and happenings right here in Southwest Virginia. To achieve this goal, the content must be as diverse as the community. 

ECHO will regularly partner with community leaders and programs such as:
area school divisions, the VA Department of Education, regional community health organizations, and others. By doing so, ECHO hopes to raise awareness of these opportunities and encourage viewers to find their place to learn and thrive. 

By providing a space that values education, community, health, and opportunity, ECHO will encourage viewers to learn with us. Together, we strengthen our communities and its members to create a world where we never stop learning. Take this step with us in June and please share the exciting news.