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Pet Education

Pet Education goes over a multitude of topics regarding the health and wellbeing of pets. Host, Dayna Reynolds, gives helpful tips and educational advice on how to make sure your pet lives a fulfilling, healthy and happy life.

Lost Pets

Dayna Reynolds of Angels of Assisi talks about what happens when you lose your pet, what steps to take to bring them home, and how to prevent your furry friends from getting loose.

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Fleas and Ticks

Dayna Reynolds of Angels of Assisi talks about what fleas and ticks can do to your pet, and the importance of flea and tick preventative as part of your pet’s healthcare routine.

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How to Deal with Your Pet’s Anxiety

In this segment of Pet Education, Dayna goes over a variety of ways to help soothe your pets anxiety and what some of the causes can be for your pet to feel anxious!

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Keeping Your Pet Healthy

We all want to make sure our fur-babies are healthy and live a long fulfilling life! Dayna goes over different ways to keep your pet living a healthy, active, purr-fect life!

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Dangerous Foods and Items for Pets

Dayna goes over a list of dangerous foods and items that are harmful to your pet! These items range from common household food to medicines and other things you might not have realized that are very harmful. Help protect your critter by watching this short segment.

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Dayna Reynolds of Angels of Assisi goes into all that you need to adopt a pet. 

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Dayna Reynolds of Angels of Assisi discusses what it takes to foster a furry friend!

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Dayna Reynolds of Angels of Assisi talks about what heartworms are and the symptoms they cause, what heartworm treatment looks like, and how to prevent infection in the first place.

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Spay and Neuter

Dayna Reynolds of Angels of Assisi talks about what it means to get your pet spayed or neutered, how spaying and neutering protects their health, and how it reduces the number of animals that go into shelters every year.

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About Dayna
Dayna Reynolds is the Director of Communication at Angels of Assisi. Before this role, she was a Veterinary Assistant and has several years of experience working in veterinary medicine. Dayna proudly supports the mission of Angels of Assisi to not only shelter animals while they find their forever home but provide affordable veterinary care and assistance to keep people and their pets together. In Dayna’s role at Angels of Assisi, she works to bring awareness to Angels of Assisi and their services so that pets can remain happy and healthy. She is passionate about animal welfare and access to veterinary care and works to spread awareness on these issues.

Dayna shares her home with her five rescue dogs. In her spare time, she enjoys getting out in nature and spending time with her dogs. She loves to advocate for animals and bringing light to critical veterinary issues that many pet owners may not be aware of so that every pet can have a happy and healthy life.