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Lost Pets

What should I do to prevent losing my pet?

The most effective way to make sure your pet is reunited with you safe and sound is to get them microchipped. This chip is small, around the size of a grain of rice, and is injected just beneath the skin on their back. When this procedure is done, you’ll register your pet under your name and include your up-to-date contact information. Many of these information databases are available online for free.

In the event that your pet gets out, they can be found and brought into any veterinary office to be scanned for free. If your pet is located this way, you’ll be contacted and reunited in no time!

Make sure to keep this information up-to-date by updating your address and contact information in the event of a move or change of phone number.

Additionally, you can register your pet with Petco Love Lost, a missing pet database that uses facial recognition to match found pets with owners who have marked their pets as missing. As long as your pet is registered in advance, their photo can be uploaded when found and you will be contacted to let you know your furry friend is safe.


My pet has gone missing, what should I do?

The first step to take when your pet goes missing is to contact your local Animal Control agency and give them a physical description of your pet (breed, color, weight, name, any identifying features, etc.) and your contact information as well as where they were last seen.

The age of social media has brought searching for your lost pet a long way from posting flyers around your neighborhood. While flyers are still useful and get the word out locally, social media can broaden the range. Include the same information you provided to Animal Control as well as a recent photo and their last known location. Many communities have Facebook groups or group IM chats specifically for locating lost pets, and animal shelters could potentially share your post when asked.


While you never think it’ll be your pet that goes missing, 1 in 3 pets will go missing in their lifetime. Make sure you’re doing what you can to keep your pets safe and protected in the event of separation.

For additional information on how to keep your pet safe in the event of getting lost, visit these resources: