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Episode 101 - Beth Macy
The premiere episode is an interview with New York Times best selling author, Beth Macy whose works include "Factory Man" and "Truevine." Visit Beth's website at

Episode 102 – Robyn Schon 
Most people know Robyn in her professional role marketing and managing live entertainment & sports events. What they may not know is that she is an artist and a poet. We take a look inside her book, “Portrait of the Wind.”

Episode 103 – John Ketwig 
John Ketwig was an optimistic 19 year old who loved hot rods, drums, and music. He entered the army and soon found himself in Vietnam. He shares his experiences in “…and a hard rain fell: A GI’s true story of the War in Vietnam.”

Episode 104 – Kathleen Grissom 
We visit with the New York Times Bestselling author of “The Kitchen House” and “Glory Over Everything.” Visit Kathleen's website at

Episode 105 – Cece Bell (Watch a bonus clip on Blue Ridge PBS Passport!)
Cece Bell is a children's book author and illustrator. Her graphic novel memoir, “El Deafo,” won a Newbery Honor and the Geisel Award. Visit Cece's website at

Episode 106 - Terri Fisher 
We travel to the Palisades Restaurant in Eggleston, Virginia, to talk with Terri Fisher, co-author of "Lost Communities of Virginia."

Episode 107 - Sharyn McCrumb (Watch a bonus clip on Blue Ridge PBS Passport!)
We chat with New York Times best selling author, Sharyn McCrumb. Find out how she digs into the historical details of every story and pieces them together to uncover the truth. We’ll talk about her recent books "The Unquiet Grave" and "Prayers The Devil Answers." Visit Sharyn's website at

Episode 108 - Bruce Ingram (Watch a bonus clip on Blue Ridge PBS Passport!)
This high school teacher writes about the outdoors, "Living the Locavore Lifestyle", and the roller-coaster ride of high school in "Ninth Grade Blues" and "Tenth Grade Angst." Find out how his students help out with his books!

Episode 109 - Lee Smith (Watch a bonus clip on Blue Ridge PBS Passport!)
Learn the story behind the stories of award winning author, Lee Smith as we visit with her in her North Carolina home. We'll talk about her life, her inspirations and her book, "Dimestore". Visit Lee's website at

Episode 110 - Barbara Dickinson 
We’ll visit with the author of the mystery, "Rose in Charge." In addition to be a lifelong writer, Dickinson helped to launch Roanoke’s long running Annual Sidewalk Art Show.

Episode 111– Susan Coryell 
We visit Smith Mountain lake to talk with Susan Coryell about her Southern Gothic novel, “A Red, Red Rose,” the first book of her Overhome Trilogy. Visit Susan's website at

Episode 112 – Vivian Howard (Watch a bonus clip on Blue Ridge PBS Passport!)
If you love food you’ll love our interview with Vivian Howard, the host of the PBS series “A Chef’s Life”. We’ll chat with her about her award winning cookbook, “Deep Run Roots.” Visit Vivian's website at

Episode 113 – Angie Smibert
Learn about her new book, “Bone’s Gift,” a supernatural historical mystery set in 1942 in a southern Virginia coal-mining town. We'll also hear about some of her other works. Visit Angie's website at

Episode 114– David Baldacci (Watch bonus clips on Blue Ridge PBS Passport!)
We visit with international bestselling author, celebrated storyteller, and literacy advocate, David Baldacci. With 100 million books in print, 40 novels translated into 45 languages and in 80 countries, he believes books can change your life." Visit David's website at

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