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SEASON Six (2023)

Episode 601 - Beth Macy

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We welcome back New York Times bestseller and multiple award winner Beth Macy to discuss her latest book, Raising Lazarus. This follow-up to her groundbreaking book, Dopesick, is a gripping story of everyday heroes fighting addiction in communities across the country and of the individuals struggling for accountability in America’s courts.

Episode #602 - Brian Castleberry 

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On this episode we’ll visit Richmond, Virginia, and Brian Castleberry where we’ll discuss his book, Nine Shiny Objects. His novel covers a timespan from 1947-87 and follows a wide cast of characters all seeking some kind of meaning in a nation often defined by its chaos.

Episode #603 - Jean Meltzer

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We visit with Jean Meltzer in Herndon, Virginia, to talk about her two novels, Mr. Perfect on Paper & The Matzah Ball. Her sweet and quirky Jewish romantic comedies are full of vibrant traditions, joy, and humor.

Episode #604 - Corban Addison

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We travel to Charlottesville, Virginia, to talk with international best-selling author Corban Addison.  His book, Wastelands, tells the true story of “big pork” and those who took them on in a legal fight for justice and decency.

Episode #605 - Barbara Kingsolver

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This episode finds us in Washington County with one of the most important writers of our time, Barbara Kingsolver. Her novel, Demon Copperhead, is a modern adaptation of Dicken’s David Copperfield that is set in the mountains of southern Appalachia.  This page turner grabs readers from page one and is on Oprah’s Book Club list.

Episode #606 - W. Edward “Ted” Blain 

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We’ll talk with Roanoker Ted Blain about his Edgar nominated novel.  Passion Play is a whodunnit with lots of twists and turns along with a dash of Othello.

Episode #607 - Constance Sayers 

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We’re Write Around the Corner in Alexandria, Virginia, to talk with Constance Sayers about her latest book, Ladies of the Secret Circus.  The novel is a suspenseful story that has readers time traveling between present day Virginia and 1920s Paris.  It’s full of magic, suspense, and lots of secrets!

Episode #608 - Fred Carlisle

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We’ll visit with Fred Carlisle in Blacksburg, Virginia, to discuss his book, The Lake Effect: A Lake Michigan Mosaic. We reflect on his lifelong love of the lake and the book which is comprised of a series of different moments, all flowing beautifully together just like the magic of the lake.

Episode #609 - Bradley Harper

Watch a bonus interview. PLUS, hear a reading from Queen's Gambit!

The game is afoot as we go to Toano, Virginia, to talk with award winning mystery author, Bradley Harper. He’s a retired US Army Pathologist who has traveled the world and at age 63 took up the pen. In his debut novel, A Knife in the Fog, Jack the Ripper meets Sherlock Holmes’ creator, Arthur Conan Doyle. His second novel, Queens Gambit, brings back colorful characters from the first book in a race to prevent the assassination of Queen Victoria.

Episode #610 - Andy Straka

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A bowling alley in Staunton, Virginia, serves as the backdrop of our interview with award winning mystery writer, Andy Straka. His novel, Split City, features twins who are former pro-bowlers along with a cast of memorable characters and lots of twists and turns.

Episode #611 - Don Reid

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We make a return to Staunton, Virginia, to visit with Statler Brother lead singer, Don Reid.  With songwriting and scriptwriting under his belt, novels were next.  We'll discuss his latest pager turner, Piano Days. 

Episode #612 - Jeff Barnes

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We talk with debut novelist, Jeff Barnes. His award-winning novel, Mingo, takes readers back in time to the early 1900s and the coal mine wars that erupt in southern West Virginia.  It’s a conflict that pits brother against brother. 

Episode #613 - Jeannette Walls

Watch a bonus interview.  PLUS see other bonus clips: Everyone has a Story, The Parents, Truth is a Liquid

We visit Orange, Virginia, and the home of New York Times Best Seller, Jeannette Walls. We'll talk about her immensely popular book turned movie, The Glass Castle, and her newly released novel, Hang the Moon. It's an inspirational interview you won't want to miss!

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