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Episode #401 - Sarah Warburton

Watch a bonus interview. 

On our season 4 premiere, we travel to Blacksburg to meet Sarah Warburton and discuss her debut crime fiction novel, Once Two Sisters.

Episode #402 - Malcolm Smith

Watch bonus clips: about the book title & extended interview

We visit beautiful Grayson Highlands State Park to talk with Malcolm L. Smith about Appalachian Fiddler Albert Hash: The Last Leaf on the Tree. It's a book that entertains and educates about Appalachian music and values.

Episode #403 - Rachel Beanland

Watch the bonus interview.

This week we're in Richmond beside the pool high atop the Graduate Hotel to chat with Rachel Beanland about Florence Adler Swims Forever. Based on a true story, this moving novel transports readers back to 1934.

Episode #404 - Jordan Thompson

Watch the bonus interview.

We visit Troutville, Virginia, to talk with Jordan about her debut novel, What Lurks Below. It's a beautifully written dystopian fantasy that shows courage, holding on to your beliefs, and the tenderness of true sibling love.

Episode #405 - Pete Fanning

Watch the bonus interview!

We visit with Pete Fanning in Lynchburg, VA, to discuss his books, Justice in A Bottle and Runaway Blues. Both of these YA books have powerful messages and they're not just for kids!

Episode #406 - Jane Fenton

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This week we head to Franklin County to talk with Jane Fenton about her Repo Girl romantic murder mystery series set in Roanoke. We'll learn about her romantic adventure novel, Crazy For You.

Episode #407 - Charles Lytton

Watch the bonus interview!
In his words, this week's guest is a true Appalachian American specimen. We'll meet Charles Lytton and talk about his collection of books that are filled with stories of growing up on the New River. 

Episode #408 – Rita Sims Quillen

Watch the bonus interview!

The mountains of Scott County are the backdrop for two novels and our interview with author, Rita Sims Quillen.  Hiding Ezra and Wayland, are moving stories of love, trauma and history that take place in 1930s Appalachia.

Episode #409 – Inglath Cooper

Watch the bonus interview!

This episode takes us to Penhook, Virginia, to meet bestselling RITA Award winning novelist, Inglath Cooper. We’ll discuss two of her romantic fiction novels, Wide Blue Sky and That Weekend in Paris.  We’ll also make some new equine friends!

Episode #410 - Don Reid

Watch the bonus interview!

We travel to Staunton and the home of musical icon, multiple award winner, and Statler Brother legend, Don Reid. His book, The Music of Statler Brothers: An Anthology, is a deep dive into every album and song the Statler Brothers ever recorded. It’s a behind-the-curtain look at forty years of making music told with wisdom and more than a little wit! 

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