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Life in Virginia's Appalachia graphic montage

Bridging the past to present, we celebrate the rich culture and history of Virginia's Appalachia by seeing how treasured traditions are kept alive and are thriving today. 

This six-part mini-series takes you on a journey exploring the multitude of Appalachian traditions.

Tuesdays @ 7pm

Stream them on ECHO and PBS Video

Plans are underway for a Season Two!!


101 -Moonshine
We explore Franklin County, Moonshine capital of the world, to get a better look at the history of white liquor. We travel the backroads with Henry Lee Law, Roddy Moore and Bethany Worley as they share their expertise and stories of the past and the economic outlook for this now legal favorite of Virginia’s Appalachia.

102 - Food
 Appalachian cuisine is a great cultivation of different cultures; so, we travel to Bristol, Abingdon, Cedar Bluff and Castlewood Virginia to get a taste for what’s cooking in Virginia’s Appalachia. From food trucks, a BBQ joint, fine dining, and Grandmas kitchen – we cover it all.

103 - Logging
We spend time with Jason Rutledge at Ridgewind Suffolk Farm in Floyd County, Virginia to dig deep into the old practice of logging with horses. We also learn about restorative forestry and bridge past to present with a visit to a logging mill. 

104 - Quilting
You might have a cherished one on your bed or know someone who’s made one or maybe made one yourself- it’s all about quilting as we visit quilting bees, meetings, shows, and talk with a quilt historian along with other local quilters about the art of quilt making.  

105 - Canning
 Canning has been and continues to be an important part of living in Appalachia, either in the home or now industrialized. Join us on a visit to local canneries to learn about the history and see the way the time-honored tradition is thriving today.

106 - Hunting & Fishing
Hunting and fishing have always been a big part in Appalachian culture. We learn more about the history of hunting in SWVA, along with going on a coon hunt in Boones Mill, a turkey hunt out in Wytheville, fishing a creek in the same area, and learning more about how Elk were re-introduced to Southwest Virginia.