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In its 4th season, What it Takes was named the “Best News Series” for 2021 by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters, and this year the program continues to feature experts and committed citizens to our studio to discuss timely issues affecting Southwest Virginians. Hosted by BRPBS Director of Educational Innovation Tom Landon, WIT embodies the spirit of our ECHO Channel, featuring topics on Education, Community, Health and Opportunity. 

MONDAYS @ 7pm on Blue Ridge PBS & streaming on ECHO

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May 1 - To Prevent and Treat Problem Gambling
Last year Americans lost a record 55 billion dollars in casinos and on mobile gaming apps, over 13% more than in any previous year. The growth of sports betting and the arrival of casinos in the Commonwealth represents a huge opportunity for revenue generation, but for some gamblers the allure of big money can become problematic. Host Tom Landon is joined by Anne Rogers and Don McCourtney of the Virginia Office of Behavioral Health Wellness to share ways to help those who suffer from gambling addiction.

May 8 - To Talk to Kids About Unsafe Behavior
For both parents and adults who care about children, one of the hardest things to do is to try to help a child in crisis. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, sexual behavior or other vices, it can be hard to be both helpful and compassionate while not either contributing the to the problem or causing a child to shut us out. Dr. Cheri Harman is the Grant Project Director at Carilion Clinic Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, and she joins host Tom Landon to discuss how to help kids avoid addiction and destructive behavior.

May 15 - To Uncover Hidden History
It's been said that "History is written by the victors" but our guests this week demonstrate how paying attention to all voices helps us tell a more complete story. Roanoke City Councilwoman Patricia White-Boyd and local historian Jordan Bell. In this episode of What it Takes they share the stories of important sites in local Black history, and White-Boyd discusses a new project called Hidden in Plain Site that recently produced a new documentary on locations including Henry Street, Gainsboro, and a fabled park once located where Roanoke's Washington Park now stands.

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