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Susan Harf


This series, produced by Blue Ridge PBS, is hosted by Rose Martin and features Life Coach Susan Harf. As a trained personal and professional life coach, Susan offers solutions for everyday problems we all face in our relationships at home and at work.

REAL LIFE WITH SUSAN HARF: Watch Season One Episodes Online!

Episode 1

How to Diffuse an Argument

Episode 3

YOU Made Me Feel So Bad!!

Episode 2 

I’m Estranged From My Adult Children

Episode 4

My Adult Child Only Calls Me When She Needs Me

Episode 5

I’m Mad and I Can’t Get Over It


Episode 6

My Colleague and I Applied for the Same Job and She Got It- Now There’s Tension Between Us!

Episode 7

Should You Give Advice to Your Adult Children?


Episode 8

It’s YOUR Fault I’m Upset!

Episode 9

Are You A Complainer?


Episode 10

You Don’t Need to Act on Everything You Think and Feel


Episode 11

How to Move on From Divorce

Episode 12

 Keeping the Love Alive in Long Term Marriage

Episode 13

 Friends- Why We Need Them