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Business Matters strives to explore that subject from a variety of viewpoints and scenarios - the big players, the up-and-coming, the look ahead; featuring interviews with the people helping to grow jobs, the economy, and the Blue Ridge region.  Series host Gene Marrano is an award-winning radio and print journalist, and the editor of Valley Business FRONT magazine.

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Season 2 

Episode 201

A one-one-one conversation with Dr. Robert Sandel, President of Virginia Western Community College regarding the role that community colleges play in workforce development. 

Virginia Western Community College

Episode 202

A unique organization, Building Beloved Communities, is helping small businesses grow and thrive. Guests are Bonnie Chavez, Founder of “Building Beloved Communities”, and Director of Operations, Shannon Dominguez. 

Episode 203

How long-time local journalists have covered business trends in the region. Guests are Tom Field, Publisher and Co-Founder of Valley Business Front Magazine, and Dan Smith, Journalist, and Co-Founder of Valley Business Front. 


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