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Business Matters strives to explore that subject from a variety of viewpoints and scenarios - the big players, the up-and-coming, the look ahead; featuring interviews with the people helping to grow jobs, the economy, and the Blue Ridge region.  Series host Gene Marrano is an award-winning radio and print journalist, and the editor of Valley Business FRONT magazine.

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Coming Up:

January 7 - Our guest is Lance Jones, Market President of the Lewis-Gale Regional Health System, a part of the HCA Healthcare group. We’ll discuss expansion and new technology initiatives, and how the system has dealt with the Covid crisis. 

January 14 & 19 - Certified Management Consultant, Jennifer Leake, discusses her “Best Job Ever” program and how employers may have to do more to retain employees during the Covid crisis. 

January 21 & 26 - This episode circles back to a topic we've discussed several times and in various ways - let’s just call it "jobs, jobs, jobs." Guests are Taylor Johnson, Director of Talent Attraction for the Roanoke Regional Partnership and Morgan Romeo, Executive Director at Virginia Career Works - Blue Ridge.

January 28 & February 2 - On this episode of BUSINESS MATTERS, how local organizations are lifting families out of poverty and connecting people to the services they need. Guests are Abby Hamilton of United Way of Roanoke Valley, and Annette Lewis with Total Action for Progress.

February 4 & 9 - Roanoke City Manager, Bob Cowell, talks about federal funding that has helped small local businesses survive the pandemic, and how “shared equity” is a positive for everyone involved. 


And more to come!

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