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Converations with Bob Denton

You likely know Bob Denton as a political analyst for various news organizations throughout western Virginia. These days, you’ll find Bob on Blue Ridge PBS hosting the show, CONVERSATIONS WITH BOB DENTON

On this weekly show, Bob seeks to engage guests in conversation and dialogue about various issues and social concerns affecting Virginians. The goal of the show is to share and understand rather than oppose and debate.

We hope you’ll tune in Fridays at 7:30 p.m.

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Coming up:

September 29 - Issues of Student Behavior and Discipline in K-12 Schools 
Poor behavior in schools is nothing new, but educators’ testimony and data confirm that student behavior has deteriorated since the Covid pandemic. Bob's guests are Dr. Ken Nicely, Superintendent of Roanoke County Schools, and Dr. Bernard Bragen, Superintendent of Montgomery County Schools.

October 6 - Book Controversies in Public Libraries  
Growing concerns and controversaries over books and materials in public and school libraries. There are calls for stricter policies regarding access by minors and suggesting some titles have no place in public libraries. Guests are Julie Phillips, Director of Libraries for Botetourt County, and Botetourt County Attorney, Mike Lockaby.

October 13 - Rights and Responsibilities of Gun Ownership Show Overview  
A discussion about current firearms legislation and responsible gun ownership. Bob's guest is Dan Cook, Owner and Instructor at Defensive Arms & Readiness Training located in Southwest Virginia.

And more to come!