A Place to Call Home, Season Two

Cast from A Place to Call HomeThursdays at 10:00pm

Series two of Australian drama A Place to Call Home flashes forward to the year 2014, where a nearly 100-year-old Sarah Adams (Marta Dusseldorp) is telling her life story to a young woman who bears a strong family resemblance to Olivia Bligh (Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood). Her tale picks up the various story lines from series one, including the truth about Sarah's involvement in the death of Bert Ford and her move into Ash Park.

December 14 – Episode 9: I Do, I Do
With Anna's wedding imminent, Sarah returns to live in Inverness with Rene. Sarah determinedly suppresses her feelings for George out of loyalty and love for her husband.

December 21 – Episode 10: Unforgettable
Regina lays her trap to win George's affections, even as George resolves to leave Inverness. Confronted with the consequences of her past actions, Elizabeth makes a difficult change. Rene begins to realize all that Sarah has given up for him.  

December 28 – Episode One: No Secrets, Ever
A seemingly typical morning at Ash Park is revealed to be something else entirely. Jack is furious at Carolyn for having kept secret the fact they have a daughter. She refuses to reveal the child's name, wanting to protect the current status quo. Increasingly upset and angry, Jack announces he's going to find out the identity of their daughter, no matter what.