Episode Eleven - Thomas Jefferson in Conversation with King George III

To the 13 colonies King George III, ruler of Great Britain, was the Tyrant King and would be known as the British monarch who failed to maintain control of the American colonies. Students from Nelson County Middle School in Virginia will give King George the opportunity to justify and explain the taxations imposed on the colonists. Thomas Jefferson will reiterate the list of grievances sent to the King as the colonists demanded their rights as Englishmen. Both men will present their viewpoints and recollections of the events that led to war and ultimately American independence, severing the relationship with the Mother Country.

Thomas Jefferson and King George III will engage in a verbal battle and lively discourse on many topics as the sixth grade students interview them. These students will discover through their questions that King George and President Jefferson had numerous common interests including agriculture, architecture, science, mechanics, music, literature, and astronomy. Both had endless intellectual curiosity and both believed it was important to be physically active and energetic – Jefferson sallying forth with the bats and owls at Poplar Forest and King George on horseback hunting and visiting nearby farms.