Episode Eight - Thomas Jefferson and Dolley Payne Madison

Thomas Jefferson and Dolley Payne MadisonHeralded and admired by her contemporaries, Dolley Madison was once described as an individual with a "warm heart, that lent its glow to her cheek and its sparkle to her eye." Gregarious Dolley will exert her grace and charm on Mr. Jefferson and students from Natural Bridge Elementary School as they converse on topics from Jefferson's presidency to the society of Washington City to "The great little Madison" as Dolley once referred to her husband. Mrs. Madison will speak about the occasions and ceremonial functions she oversaw when asked by Jefferson to assist in the role of hostess at the President's House. Jefferson and Mrs. Madison will share their thoughts with the students on Mr. Madison's role as Secretary of State, and compare Jefferson's presidential administration with that of Mr. Madison's. Dolley will regale Jefferson and the students as she describes her courageous patriotism in August 1814 when she rescued from the President's House official documents and the Gilbert Stuart portrait of General Washington as British troops invaded and set fire to the city. They will discuss Dolley's own successful endeavors bringing together her Washington society friends to fundraise for the infamous Lewis and Clark westward expedition.

Students and teachers can join this conversation and learn more about these two individuals, their early years, education, their duty to their country, their thoughts on democracy, and the new seat of government in Washington City.