ASCII Text Resume Conversion

To create an ASCII resume for Web forms using MS Word 97/2000:

  • Open your document, Click on the File Menu, Scroll down to Save As, and choose "Text Only" (NOT "Text Only with Line Breaks"). You will get a prompt stating that your document "may contain features that are not compatible with text only format" - choose "yes."
  • Close your resume file and re-open the file in text format.
  • Change bullets to asterisks or dashes.
  • Review the heading to ensure that the address, phone number(s), and e-mail addresses are placed in a logical sequence.
  • Add stylistic elements to the header sections so that they stand out. A horizontal line may be created by using a series of dashes or asterisks. You can also use UPPER CASE fonts to emphasize job titles and section headers.
  • If a resume is longer than one page and contains contact information on the additional pages, remove this information from the ASCII text version. The ASCII resume is meant to be read on a computer screen, so there is no distinction between page numbers.


Print friendly version (pdf)