Spring/Summer 2009

In May we finished our field shooting for "Virginia in the Civil War", and have entered the editing phase of the documentary. Our final location shoot was at the 145th Anniversary of the Battle of New Market, the same place where we started this production a year ago. As well as the battle re-enactments, we focused on the camp life of the soldiers in both armies and the life of the families left behind. The Bushong Home, at the New Market Battlefield State Historical Park, gave us the chance to acquire footage of re-enactors decked out in the civilian attire of the period. They were recreating many of the chores that were commonplace in that era. As usual, the people there from staff, to re-enactors and interpreters all went out of their way to accommodate us.

In making this program there was field production involving Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr., William C. Davis, and the many on camera experts, plus the accumulation of re-enactment footage. But before the editing starts it is necessary to collect numerous images from many different sources, and then prepare them for use. This is a long and tedious process, but well worth it in the finished product. In the coming months there will be hours spent in the edit booths to complete this labor of love. This is where the decisions are made as to what footage to put in and what to leave on the cutting room floor. We hope that you will look for "Virginia in the Civil War" coming to Blue Ridge PBS this fall.


View a series of excerpts from the program as presented to a joint meeting of the Virginia & West Virginia Civil War Sesquicentennial commissions in Harpers Ferry, WV on June 25, 2009.