August 2008

In late August, we are lucky enough to tape a private re-enactment in Loudon Heights, Virginia, attended by hundreds of soldiers and their families. The theme for the weekend is the re-creation of the Battle of Chancellorsville. Everyone at the event is most accommodating. We are even given access to a four wheel drive pickup by the owner of the property to aid us in getting our camera gear to the to the various battle sites which is a tremendous help. We assemble and use our JIB (camera crane) for the first time with outstanding results. Overall, we get some incredible images for the program.

Perhaps, the most memorable part of the shoot is on Sunday morning as we wait in a clearing nestled up in the woods. We are in place with part of the Confederate infantry, cavalry and artillery. Off in the distance you can hear the drums of the Union forces heading our way. Once both sides clash, the clearing comes alive with noise and action. Being in the midst of such an event really makes you think about what it must have been like for those who were really there!