July 2008

It is hot and humid as our production team and program hosts travel to Petersburg National Battlefield. Just outside of Richmond, Petersburg is where the longest siege in American warfare took place for nearly 300 days. Walking the ground where the Battle of the Crater took place is a moving experience. The crater itself was created by an early morning explosion which was followed by hours of fighting and the cost of nearly 6,000 casualties.

The next day, we move from Petersburg on into Richmond. Here we visit the White House of the Confederacy and walk the same floors that Jefferson Davis and his family trod. We talk to experts to learn about the Davis family. Next door in the Museum of the Confederacy, we interview an authority on publishing during the war and the history of the confederate flag.

That afternoon, we visit historic Hollywood Cemetery where many Confederate dead are buried. This cemetery also is the final resting place of famous Virginians including two U.S. Presidents as well as C.S.A. President, Jefferson Davis.

To wrap up the trip the following we day, we spend a rainy morning at Tredegar Iron Works. This factory turned museum is where over 1,000 cannon where made during the war - almost half of all cannon made in the south. While at Tredegar we learn about the Commonwealth's wartime industries and the destruction suffering in Virginia during those years.