May 2008

It's Spring and we've just gotten our brand new HD field cameras! Our first big shoot for the Civil War project is at New Market Battlefield State Historical Park for their annual re-enactment. Over three days, we have five HD cameras rolling in the camps, battles, and skirmishes. We've even manage to have an "embedded camera" marching with the Confederate forces. The weather is perfect and we get lots of great shots. One of the highlights of the weekend is the evening tactical where Union and Confederate troops clash in the woods. Several times our cameras get caught in the crossfire and it makes for some incredible footage! Many thanks to everyone who made us welcome in their camps and helped out during the weekend.


JIR_Mannassas.jpgThe week after the re-enactment, we head out again. This time we're with program host, Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr. Through the rain, we head up I-81 for several days of recording at Harpers Ferry, Antietam , and Manassas National Parks. Fortunately, the weather clears up in time for us to get some nice shots. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is such a neat place, tucked down inside the mountains on the Shenandoah River. It's at Harpers Ferry, before the war, that explosive events involving the colorful character, John Brown, would set many things in motion. From Harpers Ferry, we go a short distance up the road to Antietam National Battlefield. So many lives were lost during the war on this battlefield. It is a humbling experience to be able to tread the hallowed ground at such landmark points of the battle like Bloody Lane, the cornfield, the Dunker Church, and Burnside Bridge. After we wrap up at Antietam, we head south back into Virginia. At the Manassas National Battlefield Park, it's hard to imagine that spectators came from Washington, D.C. to watch the first Battle of Manassas while having a picnic. While we're there, we walk across the same bridge that the spectators used to flee when fighting got too close.