Episode Five - Bloody Crossroads: The Battles of First and Second Manassas

Bloody Crossroads: Manassas I & IISituated between Washington and Richmond and the junction of two important railroads, Manassas, Virginia naturally became a logical place for the first major battle of the Civil War. In July of 1861 both sides thought this would be a short war, glory and honor would abound and then they could all go home. Spectators came from Washington to witness the great victory. What occurred was a disaster for the Union and a realization that along with glory and honor came death and destruction and a long war ahead. Combined losses for the first battle of Manassas were 4,000. In August of 1862, those two armies met again on fields already bloodied. This time the toll was even greater with total casualties over 23,000.

Join Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr. as he guides us over the hills and valleys that surround Bull Run Creek in Northern Virginia. Examining the tactics and strategies that ended in Union retreats each time. Hear of heroic bravery on both sides of the line and learn how Thomas Jonathan Jackson earned his nickname. Manassas battlefield offers one of the best sites to reemphasize the importance of preserving the ground made sacred by blood in the fight for our nation's rebirth.