Episode Ten - Riding the Rails to Victory: Railroads in the Civil War

Riding the Rails to Victory: Railroads in the Civil WarHosted by Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr., Alumni Distinguished Professor of History at Virginia Tech and William C. Davis, the Director of Programs for Virginia's Center for Civil War Studies at Virginia Tech, this episode focuses on the role of the railroads in the Civil War.

The American Civil War was the first modern war of the 19th century. There were many advancements in communication, medicine, and armaments. But the biggest difference maker in the conduct of war was the increased use of the railroads. The railroads changed the strategy and tactics that generals could employ. Railroads were capable of moving thousands of troops and tons of supplies, faster and in all weather conditions. Stonewall Jackson's troops arrived at Manassas via trains to bring the South victory in the first major battle of the war. One of the most exciting railroad tales from the war was "The Great Locomotive Chase" of 1862. We examine these events as well as learn of the railroad leaders of the time and the use of the telegraph.

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