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PBS Learning Media

Offers standards-based resources, as well as a wide variety of other tools

JASON Science
Education through Exploration 





  • What it Takes...What it Takes... A series produced by Blue Ridge PBS that brings experts around the table to discuss educational issues for our viewers while developing a community of learners that are informed and ready to take action to help our local students reach their full potential.

Additional Resources

For teachers, childcare providers, parents, adult learners and more!

  • Parenting Counts: A Focus on Early Learning and Talaris Institute
    A multimedia program that uses a series of television spots, printed material and workshops to make the research on best parenting practices part of every day parenting decisions. Through our proud partnership with PBS, Parenting Counts reaches thousands of parents in 40 communities across the country.
  • Biz Kid$: A show about how kids can manage and make money.